Monday, 24 October 2016

Kiko haul!

Hello beautiful strangers, I just got back from my vacation in Italy, and when in Italy - you go and check out Kiko cosmetics!

During the two days I had free in Bologna I made not one, but three visits to the Kiko store. There's even one at the airport - how could I not? So I thought I would share my loot with you and tell you my initial thoughts.

Let's start with the best bargains - the smart nail polish (€2.50). The colour range is decent, there's about a good 30 shades. I picked up a burgundy #14, because it's Autumn, a tomato red #10, which I've been searching for since last summer, and a lovely peaches & cream shade #8. I've only used the red so far and on initial application - I really like it! The cap is easy to grip and the brush is the perfect size. The polish glides smoothly and doesn't dry streaky. What impressed me most was how fast my nails dried!

But because it was my last day and I was doing a lot of packing and maneuvering my luggage up and down stairs, on to buses, etc... my nails pretty much chipped immediately. I'll try it again with top coat and see if it sticks around for a little longer. I also picked up a nude shade #27 from the higher priced power pro line (€4.90) to see if price makes a difference. I shall report back soon :)

On to the lipsticks (€8.90) - how chic is the packaging! I was in the mood for some nudey shades so from the Gossamer Emotion creamy lipstick range, I picked up #102 and #107. They glide on with ease but I feel like they sit on top of the lips rather than meld with your lips. I'll update you though when I've actually worn them out and about. The other nude is the Glossy Dream sheer lipstick in #202. It's very glossy and pigmented but there's shimmer in it and it's still stuck to your lips after you've removed your lipstick, grrr.

The packaging for the Velvet Passion matte lipsticks is different and has a magnetic closure rather than a click mechanism like the previous ranges. Do I need another bold lipstick? Probably not but I couldn't pass up the Charlotte Tilbury-esque squared off tip. I'll let you know how well it wears after I've given it a proper go.

Watch out for the eye shadows in part two, hope you're ready for some bombtastic sparkly goodness! Thanks for sticking with me x

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