Monday, 11 August 2014

Sunday Treat: Borghese Fango Active + Fango Delicato Active Mud

There is nothing more invigorating than a mud mask when your skin is feeling a bit urgh. Today we’re covering the Borghese Fango Active mud mask. This cult product is probably THE original deep-cleansing mud mask in the world.

Fango Delicato Active Mud for delicate dry skin

I went for the one for dry skin as it was approaching winter when I first bought this. I’ve heard good reviews of the original but I’ve never seen a mud mask for dry skin before (well, now they’re everywhere, but back then…) so I was very intrigued.

This has a herbal spa scent and there’s a slight tingle when you apply. The instructions say that you should allow your mask to remain moist, and take it off before it dries down since that sucks the moisture out of your skin. I usually leave it on for 15 minutes or so and then remove it with a flannel and warm water. You can see all your impurities and blackheads, etc. come to the surface which is kinda gross, but satisfying. Since it’s designed for dry skin, Fango Delicato doesn’t dry out your skin like some muds do. Once I accidently fell asleep with this on my face and left it on for 1.5 hours. And to my surprise my face wasn’t dried out at all, but actually felt really soft. I would say Fango Delicato is definitely my favourite mud mask to date, it’s effective yet gentle.

Fango Active mud for face and body

I only recently started trying this in the past month, so I’m not quite sure how I feel about this just yet but so far, I haven’t been as impressed as I am with the Delicato version. This one feels very tingly when you apply, to the point where it’s slightly uncomfortable because it stays that way throughout wear. My complaint about this one is that it dries down really quickly and you’re not supposed to let it dry completely before you remove it, so I feel like it doesn’t stay on your face long enough to really draw out the impurities. And since it dries down pretty quick, it starts to feel really tight on your face. Though it’s effective for deep cleansing, I don’t find the process as comfortable and relaxing as using the Delicato mud. One thing that I’ve noticed is that your skin feels a lot firmer afterwards, a result that I didn’t notice with the Delicato mud. So I slather this on my neck to as I'm paranoid about my neck starting to sag.

I haven’t tried this for body though, what am I supposed to do for 20 minutes while I’m covered in mud… Stand around naked? I can’t really sit down ’cause then I would get mud everywhere…

This photo looks really gross, but I wanted to show you the colour difference

Though I'm showing two different types of packaging here, they actually contain the same amount of product - 7oz (200ml). The glass jar is cute, but it's so heavy, so the tube is definitely more travel friendly, though of course you could always just decant some into a little pot. Borghese products are made in Italy and I bought my Fango muds at Colourmix, but they're also available at Sasa and online.

Technically it isn’t Sunday anymore in Hong Kong, but I know a lot of my lovely readers live in Europe, the UK, and North America, so good evening and morning to you beautiful strangers :)

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