Friday, 1 August 2014

Orange you my first love

Hello beautiful strangers, happy August 1st! Today we're going to muse on my first make up loves...

the girl I can't live without...  Mod-ern girl by OPI

I stumbled upon this accidentally when I was looking to buy a hot pink nail polish for my BFF. I chanced upon a set that had a hot pink and this colour, and I thought, “Perfect, she can have the pink and I’ll keep this one”. Little did I realise that it would become my favourite nail polish ever.

Mod-ern girl is a GORGEOUS coral-red. It looks great with 1 coat for a pretty coral tint; 2 coats achieved a fabulous jelly look and three gives a solid opaque reddish coral. It’s bright but not neon, and it matches EVERYTHING. This was the nail polish that I wore to high school graduation (with an indigo coloured dress) and to prom (a floor-length dress with beige and greyish black print). And it lasts for ages. It lasted through the wildness of prom and the after party, and then it stayed on all through my grad trip - altogether that’s 10 days or so.

Not only is the colour amazing <3, the formula is so easy to work with; usually the first coat of polish tends to be strikey and patchy, but with Mod-ern girl you could get away with just one coat as it gives a really pretty sheer peach. Application is so effortless, it’s smooth and fail proof. Seriously I could keep on gushing about my love for this nail polish forever. This old girl is at least 5 years old, and I still CAN NOT get enough of it! I believe Mod-ern girl was part of the Mod about Brights collection released for summer 2008, but if you see it give it a go, it’s seriously PERFECT and appropriate for any season or occasion.

Mod-ern girl 2 coats, sans topcoat

frisson of first love...  Orange Frisson, YSL Rouge Volupté #14

Orange Frisson was my first luxury lipstick and my absolute favourite (I’ve had this for 4 years, is that gross?). Like all Rouge Volupté lipsticks, it’s creamy, luxurious and absolutely gorgeous. This baby is crazy pigmented – it’s a bold orange but it’s not too bright, if that makes sense. It’s kind of like a dark ripen peach rather than a juicy citrus fruit. The colour payoff is insane and long lasting. It stains your lips so even after the creamy sheen wears off, the colour still stays for a long time. This gives me the ultimate sex factor, red lipstick is overrated, wear orange ;)

Lipstick is the only makeup that I wear whilst on holiday and Orange Frission is definitely the one. Bold orange lip and huge sunglasses, what could be more chic? You look good in your holiday photos and feel oh so glamourous by the pool or at the beach. Rouge Volupté lipsticks have a SPF of 15, which is always a plus especially while on holiday. They no longer stock #14 in Hong Kong which makes me very very sad, and I’ve been on the hunt for my next perfect orange, but seriously nothing will ever capture my heart like Orange Frisson did.

These are the beauties that I most adore. What were your beauty first loves? x


  1. Ooo damn it feels good to be mentioned in a post ;) eep well I hope it's me and That's Hot! Pink you are referring to. You never told me about this other half to my polish, though this new knowledge makes that 5 year old gift (has it really been that long??) even better. Friendship nail polishes?! Woop woop. And my, am I envious of how well you rock orange ��

    1. lol how embarrassing would that be if I was referring to someone else. hope i inspired you to whip out that's hot! pink in the middle of winter. And I envy you for looking so fabulous with pink lipstick!