Thursday, 13 November 2014

Loves of October

Hello beautiful strangers, it has been a while hasn’t it…

October has been super packed - I worked at an art auction, went on a holiday to Siem Reap, studied for midterms, and then had another crap load of coursework to get done. But I’m alive and back with my favourite things from October, hey better late than never…

Oh my goodness, I never knew bum shaping tights existed! Like there were always the ones that suck everything in, but tights that make your booty look amazing? Gimme!
These are probably one of the most revolutionary things that I’ve discovered all year. Everyone wants a great butt right, I mean, why else do we do squats? These tights make my booty look so perky, and really emphasises those curves. I haven’t wanted to wear any of my other stockings ‘cause these make me feel like Beyoncé! I really need to stock up on some more, I got mine on ASOS, but I’ve seen them in H&M too. These instantly make you feel sexier and more confident – seriously obsessed!

Now that the weather has cooled down I’ve been reaching for my “more sophisticated” perfumes. Hermès Kelly Calèche is a beautiful blend of leather and flowers, it dries down to a sexy powdery finish and lasts all day. The longevity is amazing, at the end of a long day I can still catch whiffs of it. I’d say it’s more appropriate for Winter going into Spring, but whatever, I love it too much.

Wood Sage and Sea Salt, which launched not too long ago, has caused some serious buzz in the beauty sphere. This smells really good, what more can I say? If you want to know more, I rambled all about it here.

As lovely as Autumn is, I hate how dry my skin becomes! I’ve recently started using the Palmer’s Dark Chocolate and Mint lip balm and mmm it smells so good! It has spf 15 too, which is really handy. The Caudalie hand cream is another new discovery and it also smells amazing. It smells citrusy and a little bit floral and it’s such a great pick-me-up throughout the day. I slather my hands in this and then inhale, ahh bliss.

I brought this mini L’occitane shower gel with me on my travels and it too smells amazing. There’s a bit of a theme here isn’t there… It has a blend of mint, pine and rosemary essential oils and it was so refreshing after a long hot day.

Passion fruits! I had a passion fruit tree in my garden when I was litte, but they don’t sell passion fruits here in Hong Kong, so I seriously indulged myself during my trip in Cambodia. And then I brought some home ;) I love browsing the markets and supermarkets when I travel and check out all the exotic things that we don’t get at home. I seriously love it, it’s almost as exciting as actual sightseeing, haha. Am I the only one who does that?

The whole world held its breath in October waiting for the highly anticipated Gone Girl movie to come out. And it was so good! I didn’t like the book, it was so slow I couldn’t get into it, but I was really excited to see how it would translate on film. And it definitely lived up to my expectations, I really enjoyed it, I was practically bouncing on my seat from excitement. And now I sound like a psychopath…

So yes, October was a very exciting month with lots of olfactory indulgences
Ooh, it feels good to blog again! I hope you lovelies are all doing well, what have you been loving lately?

Linzi x

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