Sunday, 23 November 2014

Shop my Stash: Nails

As much as I love lipstick, nail polish is my biggest vice. Here are some favourites that I've rediscovered from my collection. :)
L to R: Bourjois Violine Hypnotique, Revlon Vixen, Revlon Facets of Fuchsia,
OPI Russian Navy, OPI Berlin There Done That, Essie Sand Tropez  

Neutral shades are so refreshing after a Summer of pastels and brights. Essie Sand Tropez (745) is a cool-toned beige. It looks rather unappealing in the bottle and you would think the slight yellow hue would clash with your skin tone, but it's actually very flattering. It really grows on you and you won't be able to stop staring at your hands, even though it's just a boring beige... It has a really shiny finish too, so you can skip the topcoat if you're feeling lazy. OPI Berlin there done that (G13) is another effortlessly chic polish. It's a warm-toned grey, so it's a fab option if you thought cooler greys like Essie Chinchilly were too harsh on you. I really like this one! 

Navy blue never goes out of style and OPI Russian Navy (R54) is my favourite. This dark blue has red and blue shimmers so it can look purple in some lighting. The pretty shimmer keeps it from looking flat and harsh against your pale wintry skin.

Facets of Fuchsia (940) is probably the coolest polish Revlon has ever done (it's also a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Bad Romance). It's a mix of fuchsia hexagonal and micro glitters suspended in a sheer black base. It's best layered over a dark base, but you can achieve opacity with three coats (though I used four for the swatch). The brush doesn't pick up that much glitter so it does take a bit of strategic placing to avoid bald patches. Since it does require a bit of effort I like to use this as an accent colour rather than painting my whole hand. I paired it with OPI Berlin there done that and I really liked the fun it added to my subtle manicure. 

Ah, oxblood. What is Autumn without a bit of burgundy? Revlon Vixen (570) is a cult classic and I've never found anything that I liked better (any recommendations?). I really like this on my toes during Summer, très chic! There are mixed opinions in the beauty sphere about Revlon nail polishes; but I don't have any issues with their formula and on me, it's really long lasting...
Bourjois Violine Hypnotique (34) how gorgeous is this wine shimmer? These Bourjois 1 second polishes are seriously! The brush is so delightfully fat (though it is too fat for my pinky), one stroke and you're good to go. They also dry really quick so it makes doing your nails so easy breezy. I did my nails on the train with this. Fact.

What are you wearing on your nails right now? Me, it's Essie Style Cartel. I also did a little shopping around my lipstick drawer, so go have a look too :)

Happy Weekend beautiful strangers, 

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