Thursday, 14 January 2016

December 2015 Favourites

How are you, beautiful strangers? Hope the new year is kind to you. 

I feel like I've started off the year more of a wreck than I was last year... Since I was 12 my new year resolutions have always been:  1. be nice to people, and 2. refrain from swearing. But I've rang in 2016 feeling bitchier than ever, swearing like a sailor and being lazy af. I told myself that this year I would be good and sleep before midnight and develop a regular sleeping pattern, and that has certainly not been happening... I'm a bit of a hot mess really, but I digress, this post is about my December favourites so let's save my problems for another time.

I've developed such an obsession with Japanese make up brushes and the Shiseido ones were my first baby steps. I have the 1. Powder Brush and 2. Blush Brush, and I've been using them non-stop. Both brushes are made in Japan with natural hairs, the lady at the counter said they were squirrel, but it's not specified on the packaging or the website. The powder brush has a fanned out paddle shape and is the ultimate multi-tasker! After foundation (more on that later) I can do all my powder products with just this brush. I swish the brush all over my face to powder, use the narrow side to apply blush, and use the head of brush to contour and for bronzer. And because the brush is so unbelievably soft and fluffy, everything blends in like a dream. I loved the powder brush so much I had to go back for the blush brush. All my existing blush brushes are angled, so this fluffy paddle shape was a refreshing change. It's very delicate so it's great for really pigmented blushes and high-impact luminisers. The Powder Brush and Blush Brush retail for $330 and $210 hkd respectively, and you can also find them on if you don't have a Shiseido counter in your area. I highly recommend these brushes and for good quality natural hair brushes, you really can't beat this price.

I've had the Sigma F80 for a long time, but I only started using it during the later half of 2015. It's become my absolute favourite foundation brush and I've been using it with my next favourite, the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation. It feels really comfortable, blends seamlessly into the skin and evens out my complexion beautifully. I'm so obsessed with the fruity-floral scent which just makes me even more excited to wear it every morning. My only complain is that the longevity isn't that great, after 5 or so hours I notice that the redness around my nose is peaking through. But there's nothing a little powder can't fix, my favourite is the one from the same line. Tip: I buy my Bourjois products online from ASOS/Feel Unique/Look Fantastic as they all have free shipping and it's much cheaper than in store here in HK.

I've mentioned the Canmake mascara before, and although the skinny comb and wet formula take some getting used to, it really does tick all the boxes for me. It's super black, makes my lashes so so long, actually keeps my lashes curled and it's super waterproof. You can see it on my lashes here. The trick is the wipe off the excess on the wand before you use it. It's also dead cheap, retailing for $72hkd at Sasa. There's also a clear formula, which I'm gonna try next.

Last but not least is the last beauty product that I purchased in 2015. I'm utterly in love with the Max Factor Creme puff blush in Alluring Rose. This coppery rose blush just gives the most gorgeous glow on the cheek. It's so easy to work with, pigmented but blends like dream and easily buildable. How did I not know about these until literally two weeks ago?? They only stock this shade and Lovely Pink in HK, which I'm so bummed about because the four other shades look amazinggg -  google them, you'll fall in love. I've read a lot about them being comparable to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes, and y'all know I love a good dupe. I got Alluring Rose at Watson for (I think)$79hkd. 

So there you have it, the beauty products that stole my heart in December. Is it still appropriate to wish people Happy New Year in the middle of January? But anyway, hope you'll having a great January so far. 

Ciao for now, let's pray I muster up the perseverance to blog regularly in 2016. 


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