Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Review + Swatches: Lipstick Queen Lip Nouveau

Hello beautiful strangers, I got a bit slack with my gift reviews didn't I... 
I've been so ridiculously busy and tired, anyway today I'm sharing with you the Lipstick Queen Lip Nouveau set. Lip nouveau is a set of three lipsticks, featuring Red Sinner, Saint Berry and Butterfly Ball in Fly.

I've never tried Lipstick Queen lipsticks before so this trio was a little taster into their huge array of lipsticks. Poppy King, the founder of Lipstick Queen found inspiration from the Art Nouveau movement when envisioning Lip Nouveau, so the colours in this set are suppose to evoke the decadent glamour of 1930s Paris. Umm, what? Anyway, I've swatched these on my lips for you today, so I hope, along with my comments, that you find this helpful if you too are looking to delve into Lipstick Queen lipsticks.

First up we have Fly, part of the Butterfly Ball series inspired by the airy magical beauty of butterfly wings. Fly is a hot pink with an iridescent blue shimmer.  It has a sheer formula but it does impart quite a bit of colour. It has a very wet look, making your lips look plump and juicy, and the flash of blue is suppose to make your teeth look whiter. I really like this one, it reminds me of Lip Smackers, but for grown-ups. 
it's definitely brighter in real life, the sunlight has washed it out quite a bit, oops

I must admit, I wasn't very excited about Saint Berry at all. When you swatch it, it's kinda brown and ugly. But on the lips, it does something magical. It gives a gorgeous just-bitten look, like you've just made out with a cute boy *wink* The Saint lipsticks have 10% pigment for sheer, but buildable long-lasting colour. Something that really amazes me about these sheer lipsticks, is that they're not sheeny. They're sheer, but matte and that's something I've never seen before. Saint Berry is so en point for Pantone's colour of 2015 - Masala too!
this is more red in real life... apologies for my crap photos

Lastly, Red Sinner, a loud, cool-toned gorgeous matte red. You can never go wrong with a red lipstick can you, it brightens up your face and the subtle cool tones makes your teeth look whiter. With 90% pigment, the Sinner lipsticks are crazy pigmented. I find that due to the crazy intensity of the lipstick, it's quite easy to mess up. This is definitely not a slap-on-and-go red lipsticks. I'd recommend applying with a lip brush, as you do need to be very precise with this lipstick. You really don't need much for opacity, so it seems like you're wasting when applying straight from the tube. While the 90% pigment formula, insures that your lipstick lasts and lasts, it's so annoyingly pigmented and gets everywhere! This baby transfers onto everything, so be sure to blot after you apply. While Red Sinner is insanely gorgeous and super long-lasting, the fact that it's best applied with a brush and also transfers easily means that it won't be making an appearance in my red lipstick rotation very often, boo.
no matter how tired you look, red lipstick always saves the day

On the whole, I think Lip Nouveau is a very well curated set, it allows you to sample their different formulas and the shades are all very different, yet universally flattering. Lipstick Queen lipsticks are quite pricey when purchased singularly, so at £40, I think this set is pretty good value. I bought mine via lookfantastic.com but Lipstick Queen is also available in HK at Joyce Beauty. I'm sure all the lipstick queens in your life will be chuffed to bits to get this under their tree.

This is the first time I've debuted my face on my blog, so hello :) I'm hiding behind sunglasses because I'm very very tired, so please excuse the quality of the writing. Two sleeps 'til Christmas, say whatttt?! How did Christmas creep up on us so fast? x

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