Sunday, 14 December 2014

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set!

Okay, so I know I pretty much start every post saying I have something beautiful to show you, but really, what’s coming is truly STUNNING.

The Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set is what I would consider the perfect brush set. Not only are they unbelievably beautiful, this set is just so well curated – these are the only brushes I’d ever need to use. This eight piece set, with rose gold ferrules paired with matte black handles, consists of a mix of synthetic and natural bristles.

LtoR: 106, 127, 102, 110, 142, 227, 231, 317

102 Silk Finish is perfect for creating a flawless base, it’s very dense like the Real Technique expert face brush and around the size of the Real Techniques buffing brush.

106 Powder brush has rather long bristles so it has good sweeping motion. I don’t like how short and stubby the handle is though.

110 Face Shape is unlike anything in my collection, it’s dense and about half the size of the RT expert face brush. It’s great for cream contouring as well as detailed foundation application.

127 Luxe Sheer Cheek you know how much I love my angled cheek brushes, and I love this one even more ‘cause it’s fluffier than the Sigma F40.

142 Concealer Buffer is a brush that I was really looking forward to, ‘cause I’m kinda rubbish when it comes to concealing so this has been handy. It’s great for contouring your nose too.

227 Luxe Soft Definer is a bit big for my small Asian eyelids, but it is a really lovely fluffy brush.

231 Luxe Petit Crease I like this one a lot, it’s the perfect weapon for smokey eye lovers.

317 Wing Liner is the kind of brush I use when I reach for gel eyeliner, but this one is a wee bit flimsy.

These brushes are of such beautiful quality and come housed in a dark chocolate faux leather clutch, as well as a brown drawstring pouch - such great storage solutions, how practical are the Germans? They think of everything don’t they, well done Zoeva! The Rose Golden Luxury Set is €65 on the Zoeva website, or $650hkd with free shipping here and here.

You want them now don’t you? ;)

Beautiful and functional, how could you say no?

Hope you're having a lovely weekend everyone, if you want to see what other brushes I love, you can have a lookie here.

Linzi x

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