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MAC Limited Edition Lipstick Collection: Swatches, Comparisons and Dupes!

Though it’s not very large, I’m quite proud of my limited edition only MAC lipstick collection, ‘cause one, they’re limited edition (duh) and two, it means I have enough self-control to not be tempted by MAC’s vast permanent collection. So here for you today, are my six limited edition lipsticks and two viva glam lipglasses from MAC. Grab a cup of tea and get ready for swatches, comparisons and lots and lots of pictures! Enjoy~

viva glam nicki minaj (lipglass), viva glam miley cyrus (lipglass), viva glam miley cyrus (amplified creme), tickle me (amplified creme), forbidden sunrise (matte), lavender jade (matte), burmese kiss (matte), mystical (cremesheen)

The only MAC lipglasses that I own are both from the viva glam line, I've never worn the Nicki Minaj gloss out in public, I suppose I got talked into buying it because it was for charity; it's a sickly white-based lilac with subtle shimmer, and I can't imagine that it would look flattering on anyone... the Miley Cyrus range is much more wearable and I've done an entire post on the viva glam Miley Cyrus duo, with lip swatches which you can see here, but look! I found a dupe!

While, the lacquer balm from Revlon in Vivacious is the closest dupe that I’ve seen, there are still obvious differences. Firstly, Vivacious is no match for MAC's amplified creme formula, and it takes quite a heavy application to reach the same opacity. The swatch here isn't very accurate, the multiple swipes of Vivacious look way brighter than my one swipe of Miley (oops), but if you look at the swatch from the previous picture, they look almost identical. MAC's amplified creme formula has a sheeny finish, but the Revlon lacquer balm is obviously shinier, though I tend to blot away the shine when I'm wearing either lipsticks so it really doesn't matter. The viva glam Miley Cyrus lipstick sold out fast, and on the lips both lipsticks give the same bright juicy raspberry effect, so the Revlon's Vivacious is a really lovely alternative!

Models Own, MAC forbidden sunrise, MAC tickle me, YSL, Rimmel

If you remember my post on my favourite lipstick, which I’m constantly on the lookout for a dupe of; so I was pretty excited when Tickle Me caught my eye. Tickle Me, a hot orange lipstick in an amplified crème finish, was an Asia exclusive from last Spring’s Playland Collection. However, my beloved YSL Orange Frisson (rouge volupte #14) is more muted and peachier, and Tickle Me is more orange, but on the lips they’re both really bright and pretty. Compared with MAC Morange (not shown), both are amplified crème and Tickle Me is more orange while Morange has more red. I only started exploring MAC around April last year, and so I have extra love for Tickle Me 'cause it was my very first MAC lipstick.

The latest limited edition orange lipstick from MAC is Forbidden Sunrise (matte) from the Bao Bao Wan collection that released earlier this month. Compared to Tickle meForbidden Sunrise is clearly more matte and closer in colour to what I consider true orange. Forbidden Sunrise is harder to pull off as the yellow-tones might make you look sallow.

Forbidden Sunrise is so hard to capture on camera, it looks way yellower and paler than it is IRL

SIDENOTE: The Models Own lipstix aren't that great (they also smell weird), I really don't like coral kiss 'cause it's really frosty on the lips. I do like purple pleasure though, lilac lipsticks are rare and this one is really good value for money!

Lilac lipsticks are such a rarity and rather intimidating. I'm working on a post on easy ways to rock lilac lipstick, so watch out for that! If you couldn't get your hands on Bao Bao Wan Lavender Jade (matte), don't fret. While Models Own is not an exact dupe, it's a lovely and much more affordable option that you can pick up on asos for £4.99.

Also from the Bao Bao Wan collection is Burmese Kiss, a reddy-coral pink. The closest dupe I have is Loreal Deep raspberry, although it's a darker raspberry pink, they look surprisingly similar on the lips. Paradise pink, a matte lipstick from Revlon, is even more matte than burmese kiss. It's evidently more warm toned which subsequently makes it a dead on dupe for MAC Toxic Tale (not shown), a satin finish lipstick from the Red, red, red collection earlier this year. I have a post featuring Revlon Paradise Pink coming up and you should be very very excited for it!

Revlon, Etude House RD303, Burmese Kiss, Loreal

Let's take a moment to reminisce how utterly gorgeous the Alluring Aquatics collection from last Summer was; seriously my favourite packaging from anything that I've seen! Though the actual products were kinda boring... Here is Mystical (cremesheen) compared to my favourite "my lips but better" lipsticks: YSL Rose Stiletto (rouge pur couture #9) & Revlon Colourburst Soft Rose.


My golly, that was really long! Thank you for sticking with me and I hope you found my comparisons helpful. This post has been long in progress and it's definitely my most fun and favourite post. :)
I have more fun lipstick posts coming up in April that I'm really excited about - you should be too! ;P

Happy weekend beautiful strangers!

love, Linzi

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