Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Little Things: Breakfast with my Father

So it's Fathers' Day tomorrow, what are you doing with your dad? Me? I'm gonna wake up at 6am to watch the England vs. Italy football match with my dad and then have breakfast together. My parents never really appreciate material gifts, really, I'm sure if you ask any parent they would much rather spend some quality time with you. Your dad doesn't need a new ugly tie, or socks or even an expensive coffee maker; just spend some time with him. 

We all lead such busy lives these days, we rarely eat breakfast together with our family. So this Sunday, cook your dad breakfast or have a beer together, and catch up, have a good old chat. Especially you teenagers out there, don't give your parents such a rough time, try not to roll your eyes when they try to strike up conversation. After all, they're the only people in this universe who put up with your bullshit and still love you unconditionally. My dad and I lived in different countries when I was a kid, so I only got to see him a couple of times a year. So now that we do live together, I'm really appreciating the conversations that we have.

So just in time for fathers' day, I've put together a list of some of my favourite breakfast ideas to inspire you to cook breakfast for your family. Even if you're a rubbish cook, it's the thought that counts. :)

Coffee and Almond Cake
Dad loves coffee, I love cake - this is the perfect recipe. It's made with almond meal so it's gluten-free.

Banana Bread
Everyone loves banana bread, right?

Full English Breakfast
My dad likes a good English Breakfast, so here are some epic takes on that - Breakfast Pie and Brunch in a Mug (i love mug recipes)

Watermelon and Feta Salad
Summer means watermelon! My dad loves watermelon, so here's a lovely brunch option. 

Here's a healthy option - porridge is so easy to do and my dad loves berries. Jamie (who seems like the coolest guy ever) also has lots more  great breakfast recipes 

Other really easy, but delicious ideas are: omlettes (just eggs in general really), pancakes and beans on toast!
Don't feel like cooking? Just go for dimsum, or a champagne brunch if you're #feelingspendy.

I hope you have a lovely Sunday and there's lots of sunshine where ever you are. and remember, it's the little things that really matter most.

Linzi :)

PS - have you got any good food Youtube  channel recommendations?

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