Sunday, 29 June 2014

Linzi's Lustlist: Pay-day Picks!

Hello beautiful strangers,

It's the end of the month, which only means one thing, that's right -  PAY-DAY! We're officially half way through the year, so a girl's entitled to treat herself, oui? So here are a few things that I've had my eyes on lately...

Fresh Pink Jasmine Perfume
Whenever I walk by a Fresh boutique I always like to pop in for a little sniff of their fragrances. I've never really been impressed enough to buy any, but recently I got a whiff of Pink Jasmine and I really like it! Very tempted to pick this up!

Net-a-porter Beauty Box
Beauty boxes are a great way to test out new products, and this limited-edition set from Net-a-porter is very tempting... 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
Finally back in stock, I want this baby right now!

The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith
It's finally out! This is the sequel to The Cuckoo's Calling and I need to run to the book store and pick this up ASAP.

Elizabeth Cole Jewellery
Budget jewellery from Forever 21 is always fun, but it's nice to invest in something a little bit special that you can pass on to your imaginary/potential grandchildren. I've had my eyes on Elizabeth Cole jewellery for ages, and these earrings are so freaking gorgeous.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Linzi x

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