Monday, 9 June 2014

Manicure Monday: Revlon Wintermint

How dinky and cute is the packaging of the Revlon Parfumerie™ Scented Nail Enamel, it really is reminiscent of the dusty vintage parfum bottles on your grandma’s dresser or at the thrift shops. But in the real world, cute usually translates to impractical. The stupid stubby round cap makes it hard to get a good grip of the brush, and the brush itself is really thin which is such a pain as it’s hard to coat your nails efficiently. Good golly, I haven’t even applied it on my nails yet and I already have so many gripples with it.

I picked up the shade Wintermint as it’s a duplicate of Deborah Lippmann’s Mermaid’s dream. The Revlon Parfumerie polishes retailing at $60hkd are almost a quarter of the price of Deborah Lippmann polishes. In my opinion Wintermint is not as nice as Mermaid’s dream. Wintermint looks flat whereas Mermaid’s dream is denser and has more dimension and shimmer. Nonetheless it’s still fun being at a fraction of the price of the Deborah Lippmann. Now if only they would make a dupe of Mermaid’s kiss, which is my favourite of the Deborah Lippmann mermaid series.   

Now, as for the parfum? The mint scent is quite nice actually, it’s very strong and I could smell it developing even before my nails dry. I don’t understand “Wintermint” though, what does mint have to do with winter? Someone explain it to me. It’s a very fresh mint scent, like refreshing mint tea, quite nice to get a whiff of it throughout the day when you’re feeling drained. Quite a good “study accompaniment” I think, when you’re bored stiff from your text books, you can stare at your nails and inhale the revitalizing minty fragrance.

All in all, Wintermint ain’t bad if you’re looking for a cheap sparkly thrill. The texture of the formula means that you can smudge your nails and no one would notice due to the grittiness of the glitter, it’s also pretty fast drying. The Revlon Parfumerie™ Scented Nail Enamels contain 24 shades and they’re all really pretty (Autumn Spice looks awesome!), but would I be picking up anymore? No, I simply can’t stand the stupid brush.

What are your thoughts on the Revlon Parfumerie™ Scented Nail Enamels? And side note: speaking of mermaids, how do they excrete?  

Linzi :)

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