Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Review: Paul & Joe Cheek Colours in 03 & 04

It’s the middle of the week and I’m sure we could all do with a pick-me-up. And there’s nothing better for that than a pop of blush! In the spotlight today are the Paul & Joe Cheek Colours. Paul & Joe products are so cutely packaged it makes you wonder if it’s just a gimmick. But let me assure you, these blushes are as pleasing as they look.

The blushes and compacts are sold individually, which I suppose is a good/bad thing depending on how you look at it. The products are packaged in pale pink boxes with chrysanthemums and gold detailing. Inside, the blush pans are contained in a plastic case; these too have the floral embossing – such details! <3

The blushes are magnetised so you can just pop them into your own palettes without having to faff about gluing magnets. Alternatively, you can purchase the compacts they were designed for. The compacts are plastic with chrysanthemum embossing and PJ in gold cursive. These compacts aren’t much bigger than the blushes and have a decently sized mirror. I like how compact these are and that they don’t come with those useless brushes that are just a waste of space.

Now on to the blushes – I have the colours 03 Gigi and 04 Cinema. I’ve had these beauties for over a year now and they still look almost untouched. Mind you, these blushes are what I reach for most. The blushes are scented though it doesn’t bother me as the floral fragrance is delicate and almost relaxing when you’re doing your makeup.

These blushes are extremely pigmented and blend out beautifully. To apply I use the Sigma F40 – the angle gives control and the brush is neither too dense nor fluffy. I dip my blush into the blush one then place it on my cheek and blend, building up intensity if I’m feeling extra perky.

I prefer a more cheek bony look so I place my blush more to the side (rather than the apple) and blend upwards following the natural contours of my face. For extra dimension dust the lighter shade onto the tops of your cheekbones. Same goes for the youthful apple of the cheeks look, add the lighter shade to the middle for that extra pop. This is the perfect highlight for daytime as oppose to a shimmery highlight which is kinda too “in your face”.

03 Gigi & 04 Cinema
03 Gigi looks scary in the pan but it really isn’t, though it’s not for those looking for a natural subtle look. This really pops, so people are definitely going to notice the rouge on your face, I love it though, it’s so fresh and fun, especially during winter for that “Oh, I just went ice-skating” look. The shimmer shade is also really pretty worn on its own for a neutral pink glow. 03 will look amazing on all skin tones, from fair to dark , and will lean warmer/cooler depending on your undertones. It’s definitely one to try, because GO BOLD OR GO HOME, right?

04 Cinema is a gorgeous peachy coral with the accent colour being pale peach. I wouldn’t say that it’s matte, but more of a satin finish. It’s a great everyday shade that really brightens up the complexion. While 04 extremely flattering, 03 is the one that’s really going to set you apart.

There’s 4.4g of product and I believe there are ten shades all together. At $180 (+ $80 for the compact), these are cheaper than most department store blushes, since you get two colours in one – these are definitely a steal! They’re available at Paul & Joe Beauty counters or online at ASOS and Beauty bay. So will you be picking these up as the weather warms up (actually HK is really hot already), and what kind of look would you pair them with?

Hang in there, it’s almost Friday :)

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